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Quantitative Requirements:

In order to make SAP all students must maintain progress to completing their course within 150% of the normal full-time duration. Students may not receive aid once they have taken more than 150% of the normal duration of the programme as measured in credits to complete their studies. Periods of interruption will not count towards this calculation. Any period where a student is repeating study in order to undertake resit assessment will count towards this calculation. If any years of study are undertaken part time, then these years will be counted pro-rata on the basis of the number of credits studied. Where students commence a course with Accreditation of Prior Learning (transfer credits) then the normal full-time duration will be reduced by the number of full years of study they are not required to study at the University. Only transfer credits that are counted toward the award being sought will be considered for the purposes of Satisfactory Academic Progress. Final degree classification is not impacted by any transfer credits from another institution.

The maximum timeframes for SAP are summarised below.

Normal Programme Length Maximum completion timeframe for SAP
3 year undergraduate degree (360 credits) 4.5 years (540 credits)
4 year undergraduate degree (480 credits) 6 years (720 credits)
12 month Postgraduate Master’s Degree (120 credits) 18 months (180 credits)
3 year PhD (years only) 4.5 years (years only)

Please note the maximum timeframe is measured cumulatively.

A student will not be making SAP and will be ineligible for further financial support at the point at which it is not possible for them to complete their course in these timeframes.

Students must maintain a pace of completion which enables them to meet these timeframes. All students including those studying part time will be expected to complete modules equivalent to at least 67% of a full time requirement each year. Students who fail to meet this threshold will have their aid suspended. Students will be notified in writing within 14 calendar days by the International Centre and will be eligible to submit an appeal as per the intuition’s policy stated below.

Qualitative Requirements

SAP for Undergraduate Students

SAP requires that students maintain an average of 40% (or a pass standard where numerical marks are not awarded) and pass all requirements at the end of the year for progression to the next year. This is measured cumulatively. Students receiving financial aid will be evaluated annually by the International Centre and Registry, following the University’s July and September progression boards. This will include the requirement that by the end of their second year, student must have a 40% average. Students who fail to achieve SAP following evaluation at the September boards will have their financial aid suspended. They will be notified of their results and of suspension of their financial aid as well as the appeals process by the International Centre within 5 working days. Students can only regain their eligibility by submitting a successful appeal. Undergraduate students are not eligible for “Financial Aid Warnings.”

Progression is determined according to the University’s Principles and Regulations and as detailed in the Assessment Handbook. Summaries of the requirements can also be accessed via Programme Handbooks. These are all available on Portal pages. Where students commence a course with Accreditation of Prior Learning (transfer credits) these are not part of the calculation of the required 40% average.

SAP for Postgraduate Taught and Research Programmes

SAP will be evaluated each term. This will be conducted at the end of the term/payment period and prior to subsequent disbursement. SAP will be judged by reference to reports from tutors and marks available to date, indicating they are progressing towards a Pass. PGR students will also be evaluated annually following the Annual Progress Monitoring (APM) process, which all PGR students undertake. Students who fail to make SAP will receive a written “Financial Aid Warning” for the ensuing loan period. The warning will last one payment period, during which a student can still receive their funding. If the student fails to regain SAP by the next disbursement, their aid is suspended, unless they submit a successful appeal.

Students will be notified of by the International Centre within 5 working days of confirmation of SAP evaluation and further next steps relevant to their “Financial Aid Warning” or suspension.

Withdrawals (Qualitative and Quantitative)

If a student withdraws, any module not completed would be awarded a fail and count as such in Qualitative and Quantitative criteria. If a part-time student withdraws from a module, this will also be recorded as a fail. Full time students are required to complete all modules for which they are enrolled each year.

Incompletes (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Students should note there is no ‘incomplete’ status for module results at the University of Chester. Any module not completed would be awarded a fail and count as such in Qualitative and Quantitative criteria.

Repetitions (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Students required to repeat a failed module will have that module mark capped at 40%. This will replace the grade from any previous attempt. Repeat modules credits do not count towards meeting the pace of completion until successfully completed.

SAP Appeals Process:
The University’s Academic Appeals procedures require that the original academic decision stands whilst an academic appeal is in progress. Any decision to cease disbursements due to unsatisfactory academic progress will similarly stand until and unless an academic appeal results in a new decision.

Separate to the University Academic Appeals procedures, students whose aid has been suspended have the right to appeal the decision if they can demonstrate extraordinary circumstances such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Serious illness or injury
  • Death of a family member
  • Divorce or family difficulties
  • Financial difficulties
  • Interpersonal problems

Appeals must be submitted in writing, signed and dated within 14 calendar days of notification. The appeal must detail reasons why SAP was not met and explain how the student expects to meet SAP at the next evaluation. Documentation supporting the claim may be requested. A Financial Aid Committee will consider each appeal and will notify the student of their decision within 10 working days of receiving the appeal. The committee’s decision is final.

If an appeal is determined successful by the university, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Probation. While on probation the student is entitled to receive aid for one further payment period, with the understanding the student must meet SAP at the end of that payment period. If the student is successful in satisfying SAP, they a will no longer be on academic probation. Students that fail to meet SAP after a period of probation cannot receive aid unless they are successful in a further appeal and develop an academic plan approved by their supervisor.

A student that has their Aid suspended, but continues the course under their own means and subsequently meets Satisfactory Academic Progress standards will be entitled to regain a full status to apply for, or receive loans.

Please note Financial Warnings, probation and suspensions only relate to the students’ eligibility to receive Federal Student Aid; this will not affect their student enrolment status at the University of Chester.

Appeals should be submitted to: Susannah Chappell, International Centre, Temperance Hall, University of Chester, Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ.

Important Information:

The University of Chester’s Interruption of Studies form is available online and in hard copy at our Registry Office in Senate House. For further information on this policy, please contact

The University of Chester’s SAP policy relates to the student’s eligibility to receive US Federal Loans, and does not affect the enrolment or status as a University of Chester student.