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If you would like to offer a placement or have any questions about the WBL placement module then we’d love to hear from you.  Please contact for the latest placement information or to report an issue with the online form.

Before you offer a placement, please ensure that you agree to:

  • Provide an unpaid negotiated placement that offers development through challenging learning opportunities (minimum 150 hours)

  • Provide an environment which is covered by employers’ and public liability insurances

  • Comply with health & safety and any other relevant legislation (e.g. equal opportunities)

  • Interview the student and agree a suitable work pattern and placement objectives

  • Involve the student as a normal member of staff and provide support throughout

  • Provide the student with an end-of-placement appraisal

  • Where appropriate, make reasonable adjustments in the workplace for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)/disabilities.

Please note that:

  • There is no requirement to pay the student.

  • Where an enhanced DBS is required for a placement, the University as the ‘personnel supplier’ is responsible for carrying out the check and the student is responsible for the cost.

  • A travel subsidy is made available by the University to the student to assist with costs associated with travelling to and from the placement on a daily basis (excluding parking, taxis and tolls).  Unfortunately the University is unable to cover costs for travel (or other such costs) as part of the placement.