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Our student has been a genuine asset to our business. I hoped the outcome would be new relationships with employment and academic organisations in order to find the best talent for Prodo. On top of this I’ve had someone productive almost from day one. This has been so much more, that I hope he will consider paid work during his summer break with Prodo.

How has the student’s role added value and benefit to your organisation?

Our student has completed a wide range of tasks whilst at Prodo. From content population of client websites to creation of a mobile application using PhoneGap.

Can you offer advice to other organisations considering hosting second year undergraduates on work placement? 

I would recommend any business participate, as it fosters talent and brings enthusiastic people into the business. Ensure there is a mentor and plan of work before the person joins. 

What would you say are the most important skills and qualities you look for in a prospective employee?

Prodo hires primarily on its cultural values as well as the abilities to carry out the duties of the role.

Do you think it is important for students to undergo Work Based Learning during their studies? 

Without a doubt. Having a practical understanding of work and the career in which the student wishes to apply themselves, broadens the students knowledge of the industry. It helps the student understand how their academic life will turn into a career and prepare them for an interview situation.