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I’ve worked with the University of Chester for many years offering a variety of placements and have always found the students to be highly motivated, professional and keen to learn.

How has the student’s role added value and benefit to your organisation?

Our student has been able to undertake research, design activities and make improvements to our visit information for teachers. At this time of year it would have been impossible for me to do these tasks myself due to it being peak school visit season.

Can you offer advice to other organisations considering hosting second year undergraduates on work placement?

Yes. I am happy to talk to people about the benefits of hosting a student.

What would you say are the most important skills and qualities you look for in a prospective employee?

Inititiative, flexibility, adaptability and appropriate qualifications.

Do you think it is important for students to undergo Work Based Learning during their studies?

Yes. Particularly as many students do not work during university. It’s important to get real workplace experience and see how important teamwork is in the workplace.