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Work Based Learning has become an important asset to the wildlife hospital and we look forward to the students coming each year.

How has the student’s role added value and benefit to your organisation?

This is a very busy time of year at the hospital and having the extra help aids the standard of care that we can offer our patients. The students work very hard and make a big difference.

Can you offer advice to other organisations considering hosting second year undergraduates on work placement?

All students benefit from work based learning so it is important to make their placement as enjoyable and interesting as possible. If they are happy you are happy.

What would you say are the most important skills and qualities you look for in a prospective employee?

We look for people who can follow instructions, respect their workplace and work well as part of a team.

Do you think it is important for students to undergo Work Based Learning during their studies?

Yes, it gives them a good insight into the future and what work is available to them once they have graduated.