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This placement has helped me discover what I want from a future career.
Picture of Akinrinola Fawusi

Tell us about your placement:

I secured my placement through the University of Chester Work Based Learning module scheme.  I had the task to conduct some research for assemblies that would be taking place in schools. This required me to collect information from a range of sources such as the on-site archives, online history sources and visiting archives around Cheshire and writing a report on my findings. My last project is to create an activity for families to do in relation to a new exhibit featuring in the museum. I have also helped volunteers run school visit activities and observed blacksmith and lock demonstrations and travelled across the sites to see how the Trust works in other areas. I did find the sudden independence overwhelming at first, but it really helped that my Supervisor gave me a list of things to work from the first time to eventually allowing me to get on with something and report my findings later.

What skills have you developed whilst on placement?

Teamwork and communication through having to liase with a range of people across the site and external archives. My independent work and initiative have also improved as my Supervisor occasionally worked across other sites, thus leaving me with some tasks to do that required me to manage my time effectively and produce resources that would be required later. I also developed a professional attitude in regards to relationships with other staff and dressing appropriately depending on the schedule for the day. 

How has your placement prepared you for your future career?

My placement has given me an insight to what potential employers are essentially looking for, including your ability to intergrate well with the rest of the team and work efficiently. 

What have you learnt about yourself during placement?

I can adapt to much more than I expected and I don’t mind travelling between sites. I definitely enjoy being busy!

What were your expectations before starting your placement?

I expected to be treated like a member of staff that was valuable to the team and this was exceeded. I was given the responsibility to recreate existing resources, create activites and attend meetings where I was given insight on how the education section of the museum worked.

What advice would you give to students embarking on Work Based Learning?

Be open minded and be patient. If you know what you want to do, great, now think about it in other sectors. Education in a museum, law in a bank. Don’t just focus on the schools and courts.

How would you sum up your placement experience?

It has been great to learn more about the area around Cheshire in such a beautiful environment. This placement has helped me discover what I want from a future career.