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It makes me feel proud of myself knowing I’ve made the residents' day.
Picture of Imogen Fairhurst

Tell us about your placement:

I saw the placement on the WBL placement page, then got referred directly to the organisation through WBL. My placement involved chatting to residents, assisting with feeding, helping at meal times and assisting with entertainment. I have enjoyed chatting to residents, seeing them smile and enjoy the company. Dealing with dementia patients has been the most challenging.

What skills have you developed whilst on placement?

I developed my confidence, organisational skills and communication. Being confident with the residents helped to reassure them, sticking to meal times, arriving on-time plus dealing with residents in a calming way.

How has your placement prepared you for your future career?

Partly, it’s made me aware of how mental health and cognitive impairments can affect individuals differently. Also shown how important it is to stimulate older people.

What have you learnt about yourself during placement?

I have learnt that I need to be more confident in myself. I also learnt that I’m a good listener and good at communicating.

What were your expectations before starting your placement?

I thought that the placement would be more focused on learning about mental health, rather than the care side.

What advice would you give to students embarking on Work Based Learning?

Don’t rush into the first placement you see. Start looking early and have what you want to achieve in mind.

How would you sum up your placement experience?

It has been rewarding, making the residents smile. It makes me feel proud of myself knowing I’ve made the residents' day by getting to know them. Overall it’s been really enjoyable.