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I think WBL has given me the chance to meet new people, challenge myself...helped me grow as a person and develop new skills.
Picture of Maria Antonakou

Tell us about your placement:

I found my placement through the University’s WBL approved adverts. My placement has involved working with mentally disabled adults, encouraging them to engage with activities such as gardening, arts and crafts. I like the environment and the people are so lovely and it feels like a community, engaging in activities that can help so many people.

What skills have you developed whilst on placement?

My communication skills have been certainly greatly developed with a lot of different variety of people, having to talk everyday with different people has helped achieve that skill plus working with adults with disabilities has given me the chance to learn and experience so many beautiful people.

How has your placement prepared you for your future career?

My future career being therapeutic psychology, I think it is quite useful to have worked in a different environment doing different activities with a variety of people is helpful for skills that can be very useful throughout years.

What have you learnt about yourself during placement?

I learned how to be sociable and how a lot of different people can bring new sides from your character. I realised I am so patient and good with people, I am very keen on new experience and different environment with new people. I am very motivated and eager to learn more with guidance.

What were your expectations before starting your placement?

I was worried I wouldn’t fit in since I am a very shy and worried person, but I cannot express how enjoyable it is. It is so friendly and I felt so welcomed and like I belong. The environment is ideal for me and so beautiful.

What advice would you give to students embarking on Work Based Learning?

I would pick and choose something different, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

How would you sum up your placement experience?

I think WBL has given me the chance to meet new people, challenge myself so much with a great outcome, it helped me grow as a person and develop new skills.