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The most rewarding experience at University so far.
Picture of Vaughan Hodson

Tell us about your placement:

I found my placement on the University of Chester’s Portal page. I then sent an email regarding the placement to WBL and secured my placement following an interview. My main task has been to research how the University can improve it’s Active Campus project. This has involved internet research, speaking to representatives from other universities and carrying out questionnaires on campus. The most enjoyable has been getting to know more about the sports department at our University. I have been invovled in meetings and family fun days organised by the University to give me a greater insight into what the job is really like.

What skills have you developed whilst on placement?

I have learnt how to work more independently. The task had very little ground work to build from, so it involved a lot of work from myself to find what was needed. With guidance when I needed it from Ali, I have been able to challenge myself and build my research from the ground up.

How has your placement prepared you for your future career?

My placement has given me a look at what working life is like. With the role I had as well, it gave me more freedom but also showed me how different the amount of guidance you are given is.

What have you learnt about yourself during placement?

I have learnt that I am quite good at problem solving. When faced with a situation I was quickly able to think of solutions.

What were your expectations before starting your placement?

I didn’t have many expectations coming into the placement because I was not entirely sure what Active Campus was. However, I am now very glad that I chose this placement as it has taught me valuable life skills.

What advice would you give to students embarking on Work Based Learning?

Get your placement sorted as early as possible. I left mine quite late and my meeting with Ali had to be scheduled during exam period which only added to the stress.

How would you sum up your placement experience?

The most rewarding experience at University so far. I would recommend it to anyone in the year below.