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We take our responsibility for preparing international students for employment seriously.

Here at University of Chester, we offer you the opportunity to develop work-based skills in the professional world as part of your degree.

Almost all our undergraduate students undertake a Work Based Learning module in their second year of study. This involves spending 5-weeks (May-June) working at an organisation of your choice, anywhere in the world. Our Careers Team can also find you a suitable placement on your behalf.

 In addition to the project outcomes or work tasks completed during the placement, each student will produce a reflective report that focuses on their skills development.

Students value Work Based Learning which they say provides opportunities to:

  • Try out a future career
  • Gain expertise and experience in a particular role or occupation
  • Apply academic subject knowledge in a work setting
  • Develop practical, work-related skills (e.g. project management, decision making, negotiating¬†skills and teamwork
  • Build your professional networks
  • Learn about graduate employment and enhance your employability