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About Dr Victoria Ridgway

I undertook a MA Gerontology completing this in 2002, which ignited my passion and interest in this field and has led to further work and study in ageing and later life including my PhD titled “visual perceptions of ageing”. I joined the University of Chester in 2003 as a lecturer, firstly working in the Pre-Registration Nursing Department, and have undertaken a number of roles including deputy head of department and a University role as a Senior University Teaching Fellow. In my current role as Director of Pre-Registration Nursing I am responsible for leading and managing the pre- registration nursing programme.


I teach and contribute to modules across the pre-registration nursing programme. I teach on the Masters of Education in the Faculty of Health and Social Care and deliver learning on ageing across all Faculty programmes.

I supervise students at undergraduate and post graduate levels (including masters and PhD), supporting students in a range of topics and research paradigms.

I am an experienced external examiner and my current position is with the London South Bank University.


My PhD explored the perceptions of ageing amongst undergraduate nursing students. This was a longitudinal study mixed method approach, that used visual methods and a more traditional quantitative method. I am currently undertaking a study exploring how public health and outreach work can be embedded in pre-registration nursing programmes.

I have undertaken several small research projects, these include social work students’ perceptions of older people, practice education in social work, revision of an attitude scale, students’ perceptions of nursing home placements and the development of an e-learning tool for clinical supervision.

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PhD (Chester); MA Geronotology (Salford); PGDE (Liverpool); ENB 998, ENB R24 Urology Nursing (Manchester); BSc (Hons) Nursing (Northumbria) with Nurse Registration.